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What is QtRadio?


QtRadio is a Software Defined Radio software that was written by John Melton (G0ORX/N6LYT). The GUI was originally written in in Qt4, an open-source cross platform environment. The code compiles and runs on Linux, Windows and MacOS, this with the jmonitor and the server code written in the C language has been ported from Linux to Windows makes this a multi-platform radio environment. The software was originally written for John's GHPSDR3 server/clinet software.


Today, QtRadio has been updated by a group of individuals and is part of the 'ghpsdr3-alex' project.


QtRadio looks like the following:




QtRadio allows you to connect to a number of SDR's around the world that are using the ghpsdr3-alex software. For example the following radios are currently on line (updated every 10 seconds):


Interested in running QtRadio on your computer. Read on!


Windows Installation:

1. Download the current zip of master branch from: (Built Sept. 02, 2014). This is the one most of the developers are running at the moment and now includes TX.

2. Unzip to any folder and run the qtradio.exe file. It does not need an actual install just the included dll files in the same folder. That's all you need to do to start listening. You can get full operation information of QtRadio at:


Linux Installation:

For Linux installations, I recommend that you go to my ghpsdr3-alex page for more details. Installing in Linux is quite different than it is in Windows.



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