What is RemoteHams?

RemoteHams is a community of on-line radios throughout the world.

Operating Guidelines. Please Follow the Rules; or the radio owner will ban you!

* DO NOT tune an ORB without asking first.

* DO NOT 'take-over' an ORB as if it is your own.

* DO NOT relay any transmission heard to a 3rd party.

* DO NOT use any ORB for commercial purposes.

* DO NOT share your account information with others.


General Remote Usage Guidelines


Respect Admins and TX Users. Users with an (A) or (X) on a remote have special access and control over regular users.


Ask To TUne Policy


Please ask to tune the remote if someone else is present. If they do not respond within 2 minutes, feel free to tune. If they respond requesting you do not tune, please allow a maximum of 10 minutes for them to finish.


Ignoring requests to tune from other users may result in you losing your tuning session. If you attempt to re-tune without allowing the new user 10 minutes to tune or do not ask to tune first, you may be "hi-jacking" the remote.


For remotes that have the "Ask To Tune" system enabled, this policy is enforced (You have to ask to tune.).


Wait To Tune Policy


If you have been using a remote for more than 10 minutes and someone else is present, please allow them to tune for a full 10 minutes. If you have been using the remote for more than 10 minutes without allowing another user a full 10 minute session, you may be "hi-jacking" the remote. For remotes that have the "Wait To Tune" system enabled, this 10 minute policy is enforced (Your forced into a list of users waiting to tune.)


NOTE: If the radio sounds like it is not receiving anything, it is highly likely I turned the antenna off so I can use the antenna when I'm using my Kenwood TS-570D or Flex-3000 to work DX or for domestic QSO's. Check back at a later time to use the tuner.


Click on the image below to start the tuner in a pop-up window.



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