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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Lake Effect Snow Advisory issued February 11 at 3:08AM EST until February 11 at 10:00AM EST by NWS-CLE  Urgency is EXPECTED  Counties Affected: Cuyahoga  ...LAKE EFFECT SNOW ADVISORY NOW IN EFFECT UNTIL 10 AM EST THIS MORNING... * ACCUMULATIONS...ADDITIONAL ACCUMULATIONS OF 1 TO LOCALLY 3 INCHES ARE POSSIBLE ON THE EASTERN END OF CUYAHOGA COUNTY. WESTERN AREAS WILL SEE LESS THAN AN ADDITIONAL INCH OF SNOW. * TIMING...SNOW SHOWERS WILL DIMINISH LATER THIS MORNING.  Lake Effect Snow Advisory issued February 11 at 3:08AM EST until February 11 at 4:00PM EST by NWS-CLE  Urgency is EXPECTED  Counties Affected: Ashtabula Lakeshore; Lake  ...LAKE EFFECT SNOW ADVISORY REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL 4 PM EST THIS AFTERNOON... * ACCUMULATIONS...ACCUMULATIONS DURING THE DAYLIGHT HOURS WILL RANGE FROM TO 1 TO LOCALLY 4 INCHES OF SNOW. THE HIGHER AMOUNTS ARE EXPECTED IN NORTHWEST PENNSYLVANIA. * TIMING...SNOW SHOWERS WILL CONTINUE TODAY. THE SNOW SHOWERS WILL  Lake Effect Snow Warning issued February 11 at 3:08AM EST until February 11 at 4:00PM EST by NWS-CLE  Urgency is EXPECTED  Counties Affected: Ashtabula Inland; Geauga  ...LAKE EFFECT SNOW WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL 4 PM EST THIS AFTERNOON... * ACCUMULATIONS...ADDITIONAL ACCUMULATIONS OF 2 TO LOCALLY 6 INCHES ARE EXPECTED DURING THE DAYLIGHT HOURS TODAY. THE GREATER ACCUMULATIONS ARE EXPECTED OVER INLAND NORTHWEST PENNSYLVANIA. STORM TOTALS SINCE TUESDAY COULD APPROACH TWO FEET IN SOME                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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My name is Jonathan Tucker and welcome to my interactive website. This site offers a number of resources where you can not only learn about my station, different operating modes, and search my QSO/QSL Card databases, but you can learn how I put some of my radios online, including SDR systems that use Single Board Computers. I have also been adding recently a number of YouTube videos that are educational as well as informative. I even try to link to some nostalgic videos too!

I have been a Ham Operator for over 20 years, currently holding an Extra Class license. My previous callsign when I was first licensed was KB8JDK. I enjoy operating on 10-80 meters SSB, PSK, and RTTY. I also enjoy SSTV and Digital SSTV. I am also taking a renewed interest in the various Digital Modes (OLIVIA, CONTESTIA, etc). One of the most interesting digital modes is HF JT65.

My QTH is about 26 miles to the east/southeast of Cleveland, Ohio in a small community called Auburn Township in the county of Geauga. My home is on 2.5 acres at an altitude of 1207' ASL. You can view my location relative to Cleveland on my APRS page.

  • EN91jj, CQ zone 4
  • ITU zone 8.
  • Coordinates: 41° 22' 30.61 " N, 81° 14' 45.16 " W
  • My email address is:

  • #1: Logbook of The World (LOTW) ==> Preferred Method
  • #2: Direct (My address at is accurate)
  • #3: Buro
  • #4: eQSL

If you have any QSLing questions for me, please send me an email to let me know how to send QSL cards to you for DX contacts. Please feel free to look around, and drop me a note if you have any questions or comments. I'd like to get your feedback on what I can do to make this site better too! Email link available at the bottom of every page.

Be sure you check out my new video page. I have loaded many YouTube videos on ham radio operations and basic electronics. If you are looking for some good instructional videos, this is a good page to review. I have used many of these videos myself!

You should also check out my dedicated International Space Station page. I have posted numerous very cool videos and the Twitter feed for CMDR Scott Kelly who is on board the ISS for about a year.

Finally, I am also an aviation buff. I have always wanted to learn how to fly but that goal continues to elude me. Recently, I had the opportunity to fly home from Tokyo on the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. After the flight, the pilot allowed me to sit in the co-pilot's seat to take my picture. Thank you United Airlines for the view!


Thanks for stopping by!

73 de John, N8MDP

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The March Edition of Digital QST is Now Available

The March Edition of Digital QST is now available at

 This is our annual antenna issue!
• Build a four-band VHF-UHF “contest” antenna

• Use a satellite TV dish to disguise a 2 meter antenna

• Try a 60-meter dipole antenna that also works on 15 meters

• Build a compact 3-band HF antenna

…and much more!

Enjoy Content You Won’t Find in the Print Edition…


Army and Air Force MARS Communications Exercise Set for February 12

The first quarterly Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS)  US Department of Defense  communications exercise of 2016 (COMEX 16-1) is set for February 12. The scenario will be a loss of electrical power, landline telephone and cell service, and Internet. The exercise will get under way at 1200 UTC and run for 12 hours.  Individual radio amateurs and Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) groups wi...

ARRL 2016 International DX Contest (CW) is February 20-21

No contest season is complete without the running of our annual ARRL International DX Contest. The CW event is February 20-21; the phone event is 2 weeks later on the weekend of March 5-6.

Whether you’re new to DXing, new to HF, or even new to CW, this contest offers an easy way for you to join in and have a lot of fun! The contest exchange is short and simple, and many participants here and abr...

Randy Thompson, K5ZD, Stepping down as CQ World Wide Contest Director

Randy Thompson, K5ZD, said February 9 that he will step down as director of the CQ World Wide Contest as soon as his replacement can be found. His announcement includes a job description for prospective applicants. Thompson cited increasing professional responsibilities for his decision. Thompson became director of the CQ WPX Contest in 2008, serving through the 2012 contest. He was appointed a...

The March/April Issue of QEX Is on the Way!

Japanese Satellites Carrying Amateur Radio Payloads to Launch on February 12

US House Subcommittee to Consider Amateur Radio Parity Act

The Amateur Radio Parity Act, H.R. 1301, will be among three bills that the US House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology will consider in a Thursday, February 11,  “markup” session. The subcommittee will gather on February 10 for opening statements only. When it reconvenes the next day, its members could vote to send the measure to the House Energy and Commerce Committee for further co...

Virgin Islands Weather Net Founder, Repeater Network Pioneer George B. Cline, KP2G, SK

George B. Cline, KP2G, of St John, Virgin Islands, died on January 11. He was 79. For many years Cline served as a radio dispatcher for St John Rescue, and he was a member of the St John Amateur Radio Club. In 1994, Cline initiated the Virgin Islands Weather Net to provide weather updates and critical weather information for the greater Virgin Islands community.

He also spearheaded a project to ...

Icom Donates IC-9100 Transceiver to ARRL

Icom America recently donated an IC-9100 transceiver for installation at W1HQ, the ARRL Headquarters station used by employees and volunteers.  

The transceiver was provided courtesy of Ray Novak, N9JA, Icom America Senior Sales Manager, and it includes the optional 1200 MHz module. The IC-9100 is an HF through 1200 MHz multimode transceiver that offers two independent receivers. It received an e...

New ARRL President Happy to be Part of “Exciting Times for Amateur Radio”

Making his inaugural ARRL National Convention appearance as ARRL President, Rick Roderick, K5UR, said he’s looking forward to meeting many League members in person in Orlando this week. The 2016 ARRL National Convention, February 12-14, is hosted by the Orlando HamCation®, which celebrates its 70th anniversary this year.

“We are embarking on a new era at ARRL as the second century begins,” Presi...

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