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Dayton Hamvention



2017 is here and the new venue at the Green Country Fairgrounds in Xenia, Ohio. I spent Friday and Saturday at the Hamvention but did not have a flea market space. I'm glad I didn't! As usual, it rained and the flea market was a muddy mess! 2017 might be the last year I go to the Hamvention. I love going to this event but I'm tired of the rain and having to walk around the flea market in the mud was not fun for me. Here is a picture of the event site. It's a fabulous site but I just don't think the event organizers were ready for all the mud and what happens in the mud. I watched cars in the on-site parking almost get stuck in the mud.


Greene Country Fairgrounds



Here are some pictures I took at the Hamvention in 2017.





Here are some of the highlights of Hamvention 2016. I took a lot of pictures of vintage radios this year.


Our Flea Market Spot

N8OBJ taking it easy.

Can you smell the burgers and brats?

N8OBJ enjoying his new Flex Radio.

The new Rigol Scope I purchased.


N8MDP (me), K9BGV, N8YQM.

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Here are some of the sights and highlights of Hamvention 2015


Early Saturday morning of the Hamvention

Don't drop the bomb on me!!

Helicopters and Drones were big this year!!

Ah, the smell of Hamvention food!!

Ah, Classic Radios!!

Got to love the crowds!!

Hams come from all over the world.

The rain just never ends.

You too can buy Hamvention Asphalt!!

The incredible deals after the Hamvention!!

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Here are some of the sights of Hamvention 2014


Our flea market spot

Selling my HT and DStar DV Dongle

N8OBJ smiling about his deals!

N8BBG, KD8SYF, and KD8SYG sitting

A vintage Collins radio

More vintage!

Vintage Heathkits!

Big antennas!

Lot's of lollipop mikes!

I just love the D-Star Equipment

Lot's of prizes!!

Kay Craigie, ARRL President
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Here are some of the sights of Hamvention 2013

High Octane party toaast the night before

The boys are ready!!

Foggy start to the morning

Let's start selling!

Too much walking. Snooze time!

Dinner Time!

Wake up Brian. You are missing the deals!!

Hi Chris Armstrong at the Rigol booth

Money, Money, Money!!

Somebody's opinion of Obama!!
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Below is a set of pictures I took of the fun we have at the past Hamventions. We hope to see you in 2013!


A Hamvention selfy!
My friend Feng Yang
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